Awareness Is Contagious.

I was browsing around online for self-injury awareness ribbon designs, and literally stumbled across an artist on Deviant Art that blew my mind. I was very inspired by her designs, and I think that they speak for themselves. As you know, I am constantly saying that it’s so important to spread awareness, one of my main messages is to be aware, and spread awareness to others; because it’s the only way we can break the stigma around self injury and mental illness. The artist is right, awareness IS contagious, and as long as we keep spreading it (in any small way that we can, from talking about it, making videos, blogging about it, wearing awareness jewelry, or creating artwork) then eventually, it will catch on. It’s so important!

I hope you enjoy this artwork as much as I did, and I hope it inspires you too!

Awareness is Contagious, by xtwstdtncx on Deviant Art

Awareness is Contagious, by xtwstdtncx on Deviant Art

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