ImageWhy Hello There!

I wanted to write a quick entry here (a more thought-provoking entry to come soon!) to let you all know that I have been doing some updating on this blog – I want to use this blog a lot more, but it needed a little revamping! I updated my “About Me” section, and added a page for my Awareness Jewelry (you can purchase direct from this blog now if that tickles your fancy), a page for my YouTube videos and a page talking about my upcoming novel and fundraiser. As always, you can check out my Instagram feed and Twitter right from the blog home page!

I apologize to those of you who are following this blog if you got email updates every time I added a new section or post. I appreciate those of you who follow me here, even though I don’t update often… Hopefully that will change soon!

Thanks to all of you for your support. I hope you’re having a wonderful New Year so far! My greatest wish for this year is for all of us to be healthy, happy and full of love and healing. We are all in this together.

Talk to you soon! 🙂


ps- Comment if you know what the photo I used in this post is from! 😉


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