“Ask Sully” YouTube Video Series – Submit Your Questions Here!

As some of you know, I have been debating doing a “Question and Answer” YouTube series for a while now. I have always had great success with Q&A type videos in the past, so many people seemed to really like the idea. So, I want to bring it back as a more regular series on my YouTube channel. I am a bit older than many of my subscribers, and have been through a LOT in my life, which means I have a lot of advice to give! Most of my friends have always turned to me for advice, and I love giving it – so I think this series could be really fun.

In my past Q&A videos, I have mostly been asked mental-health related questions. I am more than willing to answer ANY mental health related question you ask, but if you have a different type of question, don’t be afraid to ask it! Some examples of things I get asked quite regularly are: Hair and Makeup, Clothing, Sexuality, Music, Hobbies, Reviews, Family or Friend issues, School issues, Bullying, etc… So the sky is the limit, feel free to ask whatever comes to mind!

You can ask your question using the contact form below , or you can ask via my Tumblr, using the “Ask” box here: http://xsullengirlx.tumblr.com/ask – You will have the option to stay anonymous if you wish, if you choose to stay anonymous, I will not know who asked the questions – so don’t be shy šŸ™‚

I will compile questions for 2 or 3 days, then make the video! Can’t wait to hear from you! Make sure to like my facebook page for video updates!