About Me


Who am I?

My name is Christie, but you may know me better online as xsullengirlx. I am passionate about making videos (vlogging) on YouTube, blogging, designing jewelry, playing around with hair and makeup, reading, writing, old Hollywood (especially Marilyn Monroe) and I enjoy all types of music, from indie, folk, Americana, acoustic to even a good ol pop song or 80’s power ballad. I love animals, and I have a yorkie/shih tzu mix named Jackson (after my one of my favorite musicians of all time, Michael Jackson).

More about my video blogging:


I am also a mental health advocate with a channel on YouTube that has over 24,000 subscribers and millions of video views from all around the world. My goal is to speak out about my own experiences with mental illness, spread awareness and to break down some myths, misconceptions and stereotypes about young people and mental illness, such as depression, anxiety, self-injury, eating disorders and personality disorders.


3 thoughts on “About Me

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